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Level Info

Map 13



Next Level

Shiny Star And Black Star

Previous Level

Through The Wall Of Ice

Background Music

Kachinkoron's Theme


Chilling Concept Art of Manboth Battle


For complete information on defeating Manboth, head to the main article here.

Manboth is near impossible to defeat without the PonPata Requiem of Retreat, so defeat Dogaeen before battling Manboth.

Long-ranged units are helpful, so bring Yumipons and Yaripons. Don't forget to bring a squad of Tatepons to protect your forces though, as Manboth has several attacks that will kill either your entire army or Hatapon if they are not avoided.

In this mission you will battle the snow-beast Manboth. He will be frozen in ice, so in order to initiate battle you will have to break him out. When he first awakens, he will still be partially covered in ice, and will take little damage until you break his ice armor.

Manboth's are weak against fire, so bring plenty of fire weapons. Manboth drops meats. When defeated, he will provide you with the Manboth Battle Egg. Manboth is unique in that you do not bring his head back to Patapolis, but his tusk.

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