A great dragon was seen on the snow plain. March across the icy earth to claim its treasure! (*) Required: freeze resistance equipment.
  — Mission Description 

Suggested: Lv5 + / Reward: ?

This is the third mission in the Snow Field of Sullied Tears.
Hibernating Dragon

Hibernating Dragon


In this mission, simply break through a line of rocks that lead to a large, strong Bonedeth House and break it down to get to the goal. Sounds pretty easy? The house spawns squads of Yumideth with ice bows, Ice Golems, and Snow Salamanders. Destroy all of them, and get to the goal. After that, when you play this level again the Snow Salamanders are not the ones so called "Hibernating Dragon". If you play this again, it gets harder. There will be a Giant Ice Golem guarding a Giant Ice Dragon, along with spawning Snow Salamanders.


This level is fairly short, with monsters that have already been encountered. Make sure you come prepared with Ice resistant equipment. Defend against the Snow Salamanders and Ice Golems when they attack, and knock the Bonedeth huts down as fast as possible to make the level easier. The second time you play through the level, you will have to fight an Ice Dragon, similar to the Fire Dragon you met at the Cave of Valor, only it breathes ice instead of fire. Be sure to defend against it's long attacks, and if possible, charge and then defend. If you have trouble dealing damage to it, use your Summon.


Patapon 3 Walkthrough Extra Hibernating Dragon04:29

Patapon 3 Walkthrough Extra Hibernating Dragon

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