Hey Whazzat Theme is a theme heard in only Patapon 2 and Patapon 3. It is known for being Dettankarmen and Zuttankarmen's theme. If you listen closely, it has a heartbeat rythym every 4 beats, although it stops when you get close to fever, and once more as you reach fever.

Patapon 2Edit

Patapon 3Edit

Theme Hey Whazzat

This theme is featured in the following quests:

Patapon 3 - Dettankarmen Theme - Extended15:24

Patapon 3 - Dettankarmen Theme - Extended

Hey Whazzat Theme (Patapon 3 variant)



  • Instrumental


  • Yooo-tuluntan kumpyaranoo
  • Yooo-tuluntan Zutto-zutto
  • Yooo-tuluntan kumpyaranoo
  • Yooo-tuluntan Zutto-zutto
  • Ooooooooaaaaah!
  • Kumparanan kumpoyo! (?)
  • Ooooooooaaaaah!
  • Nalandetten Yandooh! (?)
  • Yemhom-pectam, yehom-pectam.
  • Yahan-yectan, yahan-yectan.
  • Yemhom-pectam, yehom-pectam
  • Yan-dalentan, yan-dalentan!
  • Con-lan, con-lan, con-lan, con-lan
  • Con-lan, con-lan, con-lan, con-lan
  • Con-lan, con-lan, con-lan, con-lan
  • Enhaan! Yoooaaaah!

[Loops here]

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