The Herogate

The Herogate is what connects the different worlds in Patapon 3. This is similar in appearance to the Patagate in Patapon 2. With it, you can participate in multiplayer missions through Ad-Hoc or Infrastructure mode and play with other players. You can open the door to let other Uberheroes in, or go to another Uberhero's hideout.

Different CategoriesEdit

DH Herogate

The Dark Hero Herogate

There you can also choose what kind of world you are looking for which includes:

  • Searching or Hosting Missions or Quests.
  • Upgrading? weapons with other player's blacksmiths.
  • Create private games to play with a private group, people that you know and are your friends.
  • Chat.
  • Help struggling players with difficult Quests.
  • Play V.S. missions in a team of up to four players against four other players
  • Invite people to your team.
  • Play multiplayer levels such as Heights of Lust.


You can search and host for different purposes such as:

  • Play with Team: Search for hideout hosted by a team member. If you are a [Temp Member], the search will locate a new team.
  • For co-op play: Search for Hideout offering co-op play. Offer assistance and help Heroes advance story mode.
  • For VS play: Search for Hideout offering VS play.
  • For multiplayer: Search for Hideout opened to play multiplayer quests.
  • To open Blacksmith: Search for Hideouts opened to offer access to blacksmith.
  • To chat and mess around: Search for Hideout opened to chit-chat and muck about.
  • Specific Online ID: Enter online ID to visit designated Hideout.

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