Health potions are an all game item seen in the Patapon games. Potions are transparent bottles filled with a green liquid. In Patapon 3, there is a more powerful variation.


Green BottleEdit


In Patapon 1 and Patapon 2, green potions refill your whole army's health. Unlike spoils, you cannot keep health potions, but they will still disappear over time. In Patapon 3, green potions only restore 10% of your army's health.

Dr. Deth's Strong 'n' Healthy Reviving PotionEdit


This is the new type of potion that is found in Patapon 3 (Killing a Bonedeth instantly will have a chance of dropping this potion). They are a purple-blue colour and give back 50% health, revive any exhausted Patapons with half of their full health, and get rid of any status effects. They are, as would be expected, rarer than green potions.

Djinns also have a simalar effect, which is resurrecting any of your exhausted Patapons and give back 50% of their full health. However, if the patapon is not exhausted, it will recover all of its health instead of 50%.

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