Hairstyle Tickets can be bought at Silver Hoshipon's Shop for 1 Star Shard each.

Cool HairstylesEdit

Cool Hairstyles are the most basic hairstyle, and can be obtained by using the Cool Ticket. Most of them can be obtained by saying "yes" in the beginning of the game when asked if you want to be unique.
Image Appearance Image Appearance
CH1 Basic Yarida-style hair CH2 Basic Taterazay-style hair
CH3 Basic Yumiyacha-style hair CH4 Basic Default-style hair
CH5 Basic Kibadda-style hair CH6 Japanese style
CH7 Seaweed style CH8 Wing/feather style
CH9 Beta basic Kibadda style

Moody HairstylesEdit

Moody Hairstyles are modeled after enemies, and can be obtained by using the Moody Ticket.
Image Appearance Image Appearance


MH2 Cioking/Crab claws
MH3 Zaknel MH4 Scorpion Tail
MH5 Gong's helmet MH6 Gong's Tornado
MH7 Shookle/Shooshookle

Wacky HairstylesEdit

Wacky Hairstyles are -well- wacky!

These hairstyles are strange, and can be obtained by using the Wacky Ticket.

Image Appearance Image Appearance Image Appearance
WH1 Dung pile WH2

Sea monster

WH3 Fork w/ spaghetti

Ganodias' Iron Mace Ball

WH5 Light Bulb WH6 Apple stem
WH7 Antenna WH8 Flower WH9 Japanese Hairstyle
WH10 Pyramid's logo WH11 Toothbrush w/ toothpaste WH12 UFO

Mysterious Egg

(unknown mission)

WH14 Sun WH15 Queen Kharma's wings
WH16 Majidonga crest WH17 Cherry WH18 Electric plug
WH19 Kite WH20 Broken Arrow WH21 Pigs tail
WH22 Propellers WH23 Bird's nest WH24 Moai Statue
WH25 Pekkora/Pekkorako WH26 Wep WH27 Karmen mask

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