"One young lad heeded not the old warning of earthly want,and claimed everything for his own. His face fell off, and he spent his entire life in the jungle, where the rain never stops ".
  — Area Description 

RottenLee Ravenous, a Dark Hero, and 4th Archfiend, the Archfiend of Earnestness, is first encountered here.

The Greedy Mask Jungle consists of two parts (like most Patapon 3 locations). These parts are Nuchara Swamp (closest to the Castle of Justice) and Tahi-Tahi Forest (closest to the Estate of Earnestness).

The Greedy Mask Jungle (Dark) is the location of the infamous mission, (Meanwhile...) Revenge of Thunder God. The name of the location may be somewhat based on this mission, as it is a boss battle with Ormen Karmen (who is the leader of the masked Karmen tribe).

This is the fourteenth location in Patapon 3, and contains five missions, and two DLC missions:


Greedy Mask Jungle

Greedy Mask Jungle

DLC (Dark)Edit

Greedy Mask Jungle (Dark)

Greedy Mask Jungle (Dark)

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