Grass Grinding using the Iron Door

Grass Grinding is the name of a technique in Patapon 3 to gain Experience Points by burning grass produced by Bowmunk's Charge Attack.


The best place to grass grind is at an Iron Door, as your army will attack it, and the door will receive no damage. Iron doors can be found in nearly every dungeon, but the Castle of Justice is recommended. Oohoroc's Volcano spell and the Unique Halberd, Incensar, work the best for grass Grinding, as they deal direct damage to the grass.


As Ton was a higher level unit, he got less experience compared to the other units.

This will only provide experience if your Bowmunk is a higher or equal level to the unit you are trying to level up. Any units that are 3 levels higher than Bowmunk will not gain experience. This can be used to level units past level 32. It is recommended to make sure that your Bowmunk has high fire resistance to avoid being set on fire.

If done consistently, you earn roughly 1000-2000 EXP per hour for a unit the same level as the Bowmunk. Note that a unit with a lower level will earn more exp and in effect take less time to level up.

This is also a good way to level up class skills which require charged attacks, such as Oohoroc's Firewall or Piekron's BA-BA-BOOM skills.

Basic SetupEdit

Patapons and EquipmentEdit


For the Uberhero, of course you can level up any character. Can also be Bowmunk, if you want to level up another class for Chin


Use Kibadda or Charibasa with a Fire Spear/Lance or Incensar.


The most important Patapon for this grass grinding technique, so use Bowmunk with high attack speed. Could also be any other class if the Uberhero is Bowmunk. Note: Uberhero must not be 3 levels higher than Bowmunk.


Oohoroc with a Firewall/Flamesea Staff equipped.

Set SkillsEdit

You can equip Grass Grower and Flame Master to enhance grass growth and fire rate. Fire Resist is an option for higher fire resistance.

Estimated times for leveling up Edit

Level Experience total to level up Experience needed Estimated time
39-40 187200 8800 5 Hours
38-39 178600 8600 5 Hours
37-38 170200 8400 4 1/2 Hours


162000 8200 4 1/2 Hours
35-36 154000 8000 4 Hours
34-35 146200 7800 4 Hours
33-34 138600 7600 3 1/2 Hours
32-33 131200 7400 3 1/2 Hours
Total 64800 1 5/12 Days (34 Hours)