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After fleeing without even fighting you and your army, Gong reappears. The Rain Miracle is required in this mission. If you don't have it he will tell you to go to Nyokiri Swamp to get it, and the mission will automatically fail. Once you get it, equip it and start.

When you enter the mission you'll see your army as usual. March forward and you'll see a tombstone. Destroy it and you'll get the Don Drum, Drum of Miracles. It is bound to the X button of your PSP and makes a "Don" sound.

The screen will turn black and you'll hear a prayer just like last time, except that this time it's in a speech balloon.

"Oh Mighty Patapon, can you hear me? Your black eyeball army will melt if they continue through these barren lands without some Juju."

The screen brightens, revealing Gong as the speaker. He continues with,

"I'm not kidding! They will melt and then evaporate. Use your Juju powers to make it rain!"

He will then instruct you to build up into Fever Mode and do "Don Do-Don Do-Don" to activate the Miracle. You will then see blue wave-like patterns and black figures in the background. Your army will dance along to the beats that are being sang and shown on the screen. You must press the buttons as shown and match the rhythm. The beats are as shown below:








Once you successfully perform the miracle Gong warns you about an invisible monster (Centura) whose weakness is rain, and retreats. Follow him until you come across a building. Destroy it to get an Ice Shield and finish the mission.

Attacking Gong

Attacking Gong


  • If you continuously attack Gong instead of activating the miracle, he will keep chanting "DON DO-DON DO-DON" until he loses it and attacks your army 3 Yaritons with Steel Spears and 3 Kibatons riding Tough horses and wielding Steel Lances at his side. Gong's attacks are fatal and can easily knock out your Patapons with only one hit. If you activate the miracle while they are attacking, they will stop and retreat.
  • It is possible to kill Gong and his minions. They do have an extreme amount of health, so killing them will be very difficult and will take a long time. It will not affect the storyline and you'll rarely get Steel equipment, bragging rights is about it.
    Gongs Death

    Gong can be killed, in about 20 minutes with a powerful army.


Let's Play Patapon 2 - Mission 9 - Gong's Trial04:11

Let's Play Patapon 2 - Mission 9 - Gong's Trial

Thanks to TehNevs for letting us post this...

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