Golem patapon 3

Golems are large creatures that appear in Patapon 3. This monster digs his way out of the ground to attack. When he is underground, he can't be damaged. There are two different versions of this monster: an ice variant and a rock variant. It also seems to be more powerful in Ice weather. Golems are resistant against Stab and Slash attacks, but somewhat vulnerable against Strike attacks. They are also partially resistant against critical hits. Golems are classified as "Shell" class enemies so the Crablessa Set, which Myamsar can use can deal insane amounts of damage to them.



The Golem will push his head forward and start vibrating. Then he will lift his hand then drop it back to the ground to damage your Patapons (a bit like Zaknel or Dokaknel ). Can be dodged with PonPataPonPata or defended with ChakaChakaPataPon, or, with smaller golems, DonDonChakaChaka.


Not really an attack, but something to prepare for. The Golem digs underground and is invulnerable for the duration of the dig until he comes up. He would either move away or move closer to your Patapons. If it moves closer, it is most likely followed by an attack (best prepared for with, PonPonChakaChaka then ChakaChaka. When he is finished attacking, you can strike hard).

Ice Variant OnlyEdit

Snow AttackEdit


Ice Golem's snow attack

The Golem will shoot snowflakes from its mouth. They have the possibility of freezing your Patapons. Jump works best at dodging, or you can defend, and sometimes retreating works too. If frozen, just Party with Pata Pon Don Chaka. Unlike the rock variant, these snowflakes are affected by wind, so the range is variant.

Rock Variant OnlyEdit

Golems rumble along

~Golems Rumble Along~

Rock AttackEdit

The Golem will shoot rocks from its mouth This one has a wider and longer range unlike the snow variant. This has the probability to stun or stagger your Patapons . Best dodged by jumping, and retreating is not recommended, but sometimes works. Defending can be used when time isn't on your side.

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