"Gong retreated without even fighting you, so what on earth could he want now? What could this Gong's Trial at the Gangoro Wasteland possibly be!?"
  — Mission Description 

Before the mission, Meden says: "What the deuce is Gong after? What does he know that we don't?"

Gong's TrialEdit

Patapon 2 Gong's Test

A Mission in the Gangoro Wasteland.

March forward and find a stone monument. Break it open to find the Don Drum, symbolized by the color orange/yellow and bound to the X button. After the acquisition theatrics, Gong will inform you that you will die if you don't make it rain. He teaches you the Juju song. First, you have to be in Fever Mode, then play the song, DON DONDON DONDON, then repeat the button presses and voila! Rain. The Juju consumes the Fever bar after being used. After this, Gong mentions the monster, the Centura, and leaves. Move to the goal and collect your prize.

Meden: I think Gong's leading us somewhere though I can't imagine why...

Scout: Lady Meden, our scouts have some terrible news! The Tatepons report an invisible monster in the Boyayan Basin!

Meden: Great Kami.. could this be that Centura creature? It's time to put the Rain Juju to good use!

Next MissionEdit

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