Fwoosh Famooze

Fwoosh Famooze the blacksmith and Ton Kampon.

Fwoosh Famooze will make spectacular equipment, with the help of Ton Kampon. He appears in Patapon and Patapon 2. Fwoosh Famooze has a dark blue appearance, with a glowing orange mouth, and a white moustache below his nose. He also has long skinny arms, one of which holds his head, and another that holds his tongs. He will get extremely mad when you hit him on the head during the alloy cooling process. He takes part in a minigame, in which Ton Kampon will strike hot metal in time with the rhythm, in order to make Divine or Demon armor (with Mithril and Adamantite). He will also make alloys up to level 5. However, if you make 2+ mistakes, he will give you nothing. If you already have all of the equipment, you'll get Awesome Alloy and Demon Alloy instead.
Fwoosh Vamoose

Fwoosh Famooze

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