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A Flying Poocheek!

MAP: Mt. Gonrok

BGM: Yahoho's Theme

This hunting mission appears after battling Gong the Hawkeye in the mission Battle At Mt.Gonrok. Rare animals such as Babatto and Poocheek will appear on foggy days.

Huntable AnimalsEdit

There are three families of animal you can hunt on this mission- Mochichi, Kacheek, and Babatto.



A Poocheek before and then after transformation.

On this mission, you can hunt Kacheek and Stone Kacheek, as well as one type of False Kacheek on foggy days. Stone Kacheek are slightly tougher version of normal Kacheek. They drop Green items such as Itete Fangs.

On foggy days, False Kacheek called Poocheek are found. Appearing as red-marked Kacheek, they will turn into beasts that appear as a mix between a rhino and a beetle. They can fly short distances, and will headbutt your Patapons at close range.


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A Mochichi

Normal Mochichis can be found on Mount Gonrok, as well as purple-striped Motiti's. Motiti's provide rarer materials but are harder to hunt, as they have better smell and are very quick.

On rare occasions, a golden Momoti will make an appearance. Killing these beasts is difficult, as they have VERY HIGHLY DEVELOPED SMELL and will not stop running until the reach the end of the stage when alarmed. They will drop rare materials upon being killed.


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These bat-like creatures fly high in the sky, so a tailwind is very helpful. Found for the first time in this stage, they come in two types- normal, white-colored Babatto and the rarer, golden Zubatto. Zubatto fly the highest out of all the beasts in this stage.


  • The first time you kill a Zubatto, it will drop a special item called the "Dirty Map" that will show you the location of the Dachara Ruins, allowing you to fight Darantula.