Create a party with friends and face the Field of Angry Giants. Defeat Bonedeth forces and the fearsome Cyclops to obtain treasure and gain experience
  — Quest description. 

Suggested: Lv 1 / Reward: Iron Chest Lv 2

This is the first multiplayer quest in the Patapon 3 Multiplayer Demo. It's possible to complete alone, but it's better to have other players help you, especially if you use a Yumiyacha.

The mission starts in a birch forest. Move forward until you come to some bushes filled with Bonedeth. Destroy them and keep moving, but be aware that more Bonedeth squads (consisting of Tatedeths, Yarideths, and Yumideths, most with default or low level equipment) can spawn from the fortress up ahead. A large Cyclops will block your path, but it shouldn't be too much of a problem unless you're hit by a lot of the boulders that it throws. Once destroyed, the Cyclops either drops a Treasure Chest or some Ka-ching. Collect it and keep moving.

Defeat any Bonedeth patrols you may find, and march over to the fortress. Yumideths are on the top of it, though they can't damage you unless you're too close. Break down the fortress and continue through the mission. Only one thing remains in your path, which is a Bonedeth house. Another chest might fall out of it, but the chances of this are low. Walk to the goal to beat the mission, and enjoy the treasure you've earned. if you win this mission in the multiplayer demo, you will unlock the Dungeon Quest.