Fenrir is a half-boss only seen in Patapon 3. He first appears in the "Underworld Guard Dog of the Pass". His appearance resembles that of a wolf with green claws and red eyes. He is first spotted sleeping, but then roars when any Patapon walks near or he is attacked.

In-game DescriptionEdit

Beware of fenrir

The ravenous beast Fenrir can crush anything with his big fangs.

Fenrir can never get enough to eat, so he pounces on Patapons any chance he gets!

Rapidly press the buttons to escape his clench before he swallows!


Noxious Breath: He raises his head, similar to the Baby Dragon, and breathes a stream purple gas that inflicts Poison and Sleep. Does minor damage, but can leave you open to the Fenrir's second attack, Devour. Best avoided by DonDon and DonChaka to stop the status effects. PonPata

Fenrir preparing to use Noxious Breath.

works too.

Devour: He roars, and crouches down. After a few seconds, he pounces on your closest Patapons. He will then continuously bite away the victim's health until he devours it, instantly killing it. The only way to escape it is to spam buttons to release the caught Patapon. Best avoided by DonDon. PonPata works too, but requires a large distance. Staggering or killing it will also release the caught Patapon. Pingrek's charge attack (Wall of ice) can actually stop this attack from reaching your Patapon, so it's recommended that you use it before attacking.


Thunder Lion

The Thunder Lion

In the mission; "Thunder Lion of Svanki Pass", there is a special Fenrir called the Thunder Lion. The Lion is colored gold with neon-green eyes. It has the same traits as the Fenrir, except it's Noxious Breath is now a Thunder Breath, causing Burn, Stagger, and Knockback. The Thunder Lion is also immune to critical hits, so critical-based equipment will not have much effect.

The Thunder Lion can also be seen in the 2nd floor of Dungeon of Pride and 4th floor of Depths of Gluttony.


  • The Fenrir is based off of the Fenrir from Norse Mythology. In Norse mythology, Fenrir is a savage beast and the son of Loki. Fenrir is chained to a rock and is never released until he breaks free during Ragnarok and is killed by Odin's son.

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