Level Info

Eye before me, except after fifty


Cyclops, Mutant Cyclops


Field of Angry Giants (Dark)


Donja Lalin Theme

Face the seemingly endless line of FIFTY(!) deadly Cyclopses! Dang! That's almost one eye for each day of the month!
  — Mission Description 
  • Can also be played single player.
  • ​Approx. enemy level: 65 / Reward: ?

This is the first DLC Quest in the Field of Angry Giants (Dark).


You will fight 50 Cyclops, each ranging in size. Due to the high number of enemies attacking in different patterns, it is recommended to keep your distance from the prize tent. The tent doesn't break until all of the 50 Cyclops have been defeated, so trying to break it is unnecessary.

If you have a team with high defense, this quest won't be a problem for you. Don't feel disappointed if you have any trouble with this quest, as it is completely optional (not related to the story), and is not a Rare quest.

If your Patapons have a Stagger Rate of 200% or more, it is fairly easy to stagger the Cyclops, thus stopping them from attacking and keeping your units alive. Also, Cyclops are weak against elements such as freeze, fire, and poison. If you have a high status effect percent you can inflict more damage, or stop the Cyclops attacking you.

Beware of the mutant Cyclops as they make the quest much more difficult. They are able to throw rocks much further then normal Cyclops, and do much more damage with thier club. If you see them charging for a club attack, it is highly suggested that you dodge rather then defend as their attacks can be truly devastating.

The Cyclops can inflict high damage and stagger, so it is suggested to have stagger resistant armor with at least 250% stagger resistance, or have Set Skills like Peerless Deer or Stagger Resist. Also, you may want to use Peerless Sheep as the Cyclops do not inflict any fire attacks, so this Set Skill can become really useful. Don't use the set skill Big Bonfire if you are Oohoroc with the class skill Volcano 5, as this will cover the Cyclopes with fire and you will find it hard to tell what the Cyclops's next attack is because you will not be able to see their movements.


  • The name of the quest refers to the popular rhyme "I before E, except after C".
  • In the description, it says "That's almost one eye for each day of the month!". But fifty eyes are more than sufficient to cover every day in any given month.
  • On the EU version of Patapon 3, the mission is called Fifty Cyclopes.
  • This mission has the most Cyclopes on screen at once. 3 normal cyclopes and 2 mutant cyclopes. A total of 5 cyclopes altogether.
  • This DLC map is a good training ground for classes who haven't reached lvl. 32 yet, for important Peerless Set Skills (e.g Peerless Tree).

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