A Colossal demon awaits Kami in the Volcano Zone, which leads to the underworld. Locate the demon and retrieve the hidden treasure!
  — Mission Description 
Extreme Demon is Off the Charts

Extreme Demon is Off the Charts

Suggested: Lv21 / Reward: Iron Chest Lv21

This is the third mission at the Volcano Zone of the Lazy Demon.

Note: This level has a lot of fire, so bring fire-resistant equipment to avoid being ignited by fire.




First, you will find yourself amongst some rocks and Akumapon. Slay them and move on to your next obstacle, a Lava Salamander. Beware of its fire-inducing body, and remember that they blow up when killed. March forward until you encounter a Balrog. Avoid its attacks, and kill it quickly. If you get caught by it, quickly push the drum buttons until you escape. Just ahead, there is another Balrog and a Bonedeth hut that spawns Salamanders. Kill the beast, and destroy the hut quickly to avoid the need to slay more Fire Salamanders. Even deeper in the level, there is yet another Balrog and a Fenrir. If you get caught by the Fenrir, do the same that you would do for the Balrog. Press onward a bit more, and you will find the king of the Balrogs: Balrag, an elite version of Balrog. Use critical hits on him, and this battle will be a piece of cake. Break a few rocks and the mission is complete. It is suggested to equip fire-resistant gear with you.


Patapon 3 Walkthrough Extra Extreme Demon is Off the Charts07:25

Patapon 3 Walkthrough Extra Extreme Demon is Off the Charts

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