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Newly introduced into Patapon 2 is the Evolution Map. It is located by using Mater, The Tree of Life. Instead of being able to create whatever Rarepon you want based on what materials you have, you have to instead unlock them in a branching order. Once you have unlocked the Rarepon you want you can level them up to make them stronger. There are 3 stages of growth for each Rarepon, they grow much stronger at level 5 and level 10, improving their abilities. Kibapons, Dekapons, Megapons, Robopons, Mahopons and Toripons are unlocked by discovering their scroll on the Evolution Map.

Here's a list about which Memories can unlock which Memories, and the shortest path that you can take. Take note that, of course, you need to go through all the evolutions listed to unlock the Memory. You only need Lv1 of each. However, it does not appear in Patapon 3.

Yaripon Evolution MapEdit

Patapon Yaripon Evolution Map
  • Kibapon Memory
    • Pyopyo
  • Toripon Memory
    • Pyopyo
    • Nyontama
    • Chiku
    • Fumya
    • Uhoho
    • Koppen
    • Sabara

Tatepon Evolution MapEdit

Patapon tatepon map
  • Dekapon Memory
    • Buhyokko
    • Wanda
  • Robopon Memory
    • Buhyokko
    • Wanda
    • Chigyobi
    • Kanokko

Yumipon Evolution MapEdit

Patapon yumipon map
  • Megapon Memory
    • Pyopyo
    • Buhyokko
    • Menyokki
  • Mahopon Memory
    • Pyopyo
    • Fumya
    • Uhoho
    • Koppen

Patapon 3Edit

Patapon 3 has a very similar system called Class Tree. Like in Patapon 2, the Class Tree has three type: Yarida-based (the Spear Tree), Taterazay-based (the Shield Tree) and Yumiyacha-based (the Archer Tree).

Classes in Patapon 3 are different from Rarepons: each class is only represented by a single Rarepon, which you cannot modify (for example, Wondabarappa is a Wanda Megapon, but you can't change its Rarepon). New classes are acquired by levelling up rather than using materials (materials are instead used for leveling up weapons and armour in the blacksmith).


  • In Patapon and Patapon 2, Rarepons don't wear helmets (caps), only Normal Patapons. But in Patapon 3 all classes can already wear them.

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