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"When the giant rainbow egg in the earth's center was cracked,a black substance began to spurt forth from the Underworld. It would be called Evilmass,and the accursed beasts who loiter around it are an advance party from eons past ".
  — Area Description 
Evilmass of Adamance

The Evilmass in the world map.

Known as Fukutsu no Makai (「不屈の魔塊」?) in Japanese. This is the twenty-fourth location in Patapon 3. It contains four missions:


Heights of IndolenceEdit

When the mission "What Lurks Beyond the Guillotine" is completed, the Heights of Indolence will be unlocked. It contains one multiplayer mission:



The Dark Guillotines.

  • The Evilmass of Adamance is one of the hardest levels in Patapon 3, according to many players, most likely because of the guillotines.
  • It is said in the game that the Evilmass of Adamance serves as the hive for the Dark Ones.
  • When the first mission is finished, it shows the cut scene in which the Uberhero hugs Naughtyfins when the player chose the correct things to say in previous missions.
  • In credits sequence Evilmass of Adamance seems to have some sort of structures that are not present normally in level.

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