"Long ago, a baron sought to entrap a young maiden and built this mansion in the perennially rainy marsh as her jail. It is rumored on stormy nights, her face can be seen through the dark barred windows."
  — Area Description 
Known as Seijitsu no Yashiki (「誠実の屋敷」?) in Japanese. This is the sixteenth location in Patapon 3. It contains four missions:
Estate of Earnestness

Estate of Earnestness


Basement of GreedEdit

Once the mission "Mansion Inner Garden" has been completed, the Basement of Greed will be unlocked. It contains one multiplayer mission:


  • This is one of the dungeons with the starting letter of the location matching with the starting letter of the related Golden Virtue. In particular, the letter E with the compatible words "Estate" and "Earnestness". This bears similarities with the Tomb of Tolerance, which has the compatible letter of T.
  • Estate of Earnestness is the only dungeon with no structures, except for Bonedoors and Matango.

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