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By now, (Uberhero's name)'s forces are heavily armed. Who needs teamwork, when you have big guns? "I'll teach those annoying Patapons a lesson!♥" Covet-Hiss has even bigger guns - a cannon!
  — Mission Description 
Erupting Shockwaves of Destruction

Erupting Shockwaves of Destruction

Suggested: lvl ? / Reward: Gold Chest lvl ?

This is the third mission at the Racing Alley of Restraint, and is playable for an unlimited time after completing Covet-hiss Loves Cannons. This is the same as the previous mission at the Racing Alley of Restraint, except you'll face Buzzcrave, Slogturtle, Sonarchy and Covet-hiss.

Walkthrough Edit

This mission is quite straightforward: destroy all red obstacles and be the first to reach the goal. Having a Lv25 Tondenga Uberhero would make this quest very easy. The Dark Heroes, on the other hand, will be trapped behind the blue Iron walls.


  • Instead of encountering a monster like in The Great Race For Pride, after the set of Iron walls, you will only have to walk a long way.


Patapon 3 Erupting Shockwaves of Destruction Playthrough04:28

Patapon 3 Erupting Shockwaves of Destruction Playthrough

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