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In Patapon 3, some equipment when equipped together will give special bonuses, most easily noticeable being the bonus for equipping multiple items of the same element, which gives a strength, status effect, and resist bonus. A Stagger boost for Lightning, Ignite for Flame, and Freeze for Ice. Ice resists Fire, Fire resists Ice, and Lightning resists Stagger. Note that for the elemental set bonus, equipping just a helm and weapon of the same element on a Patapon that can equip more than a helm and a weapon may give either no bonuses or even penalties to the Patapon's stats.

Equipment Sets and Bonuses

Element Set


Elemental Weapon + Elemental Helm
(If the unit cannot equip anything else, and can only equip weapon and helm, such as Grenburr).
UCUS-98751 15216122054 672
Strength x1.1
Relevant status Effect +10%
Relevant status Resist +10%
Elemental Weapon + Elemental equipment of the same kind
(Shield, Shoulders, Horse, War Horse, Cape, Boots, or Chariot).
UCUS-98751 1521612246 747
Strength x1.05
Relevant status Effect +5%
Relevant status Resist +10%
Elemental Weapon + Two elemental equips of the same kind.
UCUS-98751 1521612266 750
Strength x1.1
Relevant status Effect +10%
Relevant status Resist +10%
Four pieces of the same element equip.
UCUS-98751 15216122022 306
Strength x1.2,
Relevant status Effect +10%
Resisted status Immunity



The Butcher + Tahla helm + Alldemonium Shield
(Taterazay, Tondenga and Guardira)
UCUS-98751 1521612328 778
Moving speed during Fever x1.2
Attack speed during Fever x1.5
Dealt damage multiplier x1.5 against all types
Received damage multiplier x0.8



Blade of Astria + Blade of Astria + Samurai Helm + Frayola's Spaulder

Note: one of Blade of Astria can be replaced with Holymadda Shiv
Critical rate x1.2



Poseipon's Trident + Bunny Hood
(Yarida, Kibadda, Piekron, Wooyari, Pyokorider, Charibasa, Taterazay, Naughtyfins, and Buzzcrave)
UCUS-98751 15216123337 199

UCUS-98751 15216121613 274
Burn immunity
Fire damage taken reduced by 40%.



Super Cedar Log + Tebenos Helm
(Wooyari,  Naughtyfins, and Buzzcrave)
UCUS-98751 1521612365 064

UCUS-98751 15216121734 972
Movement/Attack speed set to base value during Fever
Knockback and Stagger rate x1.2



Gugnir + Bunny Hood + Stinger Shield + Chariot of Light
UCUS-98751 15216121844 792
Attack speed x0.4
Critical rate + ~400% (Chariot of Light is a x1.3 critical rate booster).
Romulus' Halberd + Tebenos Helm + Octagon Shield + Bullgam the Bully
UCUS-98751 15216121627 338
Max Strength x1.5
Burn/Sleep/Freeze resist +20%
Attack movement speed becomes 1.8
Battachin + Samurai Helm + Ponteo the Victorious
(Pyokorider and Buzzcrave)
UCUS-98751 15216121746 500
Strength x0.5
Attack speed x0.6
Attack element becomes Poison/Darkness.
(Any weapon with Burn Rate) + Ruemelter
UCUS-98751 15216121931 072
Burn rate x2.15.



Great Golem Arms + Great Golem Arms + Tebenos Helm
(Destrobo, Bowmunk, and Ragewolf)
UCUS-98751 152161248 366

UCUS-98751 15216123826 405
Critical immunity
Strength x1.5
Attack movement speed 1.2
Unit change to Structure type
Natura's Touch + Natura's Touch + Bunny Hood
(Destrobo, Bowmunk, and Ragewolf)
UCUS-98751 1521612714 135
Min Strength x0.5
Max Strength x2
All defense multipliers x0.5
Fire damage received x2.



Feisho + Tahla Helm + Galapagos shield
UCUS-98751 15216121646 957
Critical x2
Feisho + Feisho + Tahla Helm
UCUS-98751 1521612656 151
Critical x2
Crablessa + Crablessa
UCUS-98751 1521612630 175
Damage Bonuses:
  • Shells +999% [one gives only +250%]
  • Dragons +300% [one gives only +100%]
  • Wood +44% [one gives only +20%]
  • Stone +125% [one gives only +50%]
  • Metal +300% [one gives only + 100%]



Holymadda Shiv + Holymadda Shiv + Samurai Helm + Frayola's Spaulder
UCUS-98751 1521612831 596
Critical rate x1.2



Serberker + Marumenko Helm
(Grenburr, Cannassault, and Ravenous)
UCUS-98751 152161299 650
Max Strength x1.2
Knockback/Stagger rate x1.5
Defense multiplier 0.8.



Murasamune + Samurai Helm
UCUS-98751 1521612929 787
Movement speed during attack 1.2
Critical rate x1.5
Defense multiplier x0.75



Axe of Hanboon + Tebenos Helm + Deedsarus Dark Tank
UCUS-98751 15216121821 352
Movement speed during attack 1.8
Attack speed x0.5
Weight +5
Def +100.



Thor + Bunny Hood + Alldemonium Shield + Crono Riggers
Tondenga ubhmode

Todenga with Thor set

All defense multiplier x0.5.



Raijinpon's Bow + Bunny Hood
(Yumiyacha and Alosson)
UCUS-98751 15216121214 235
Critical rate x1.2
Burn rate x2
Arrows can pierce



Yoichiro + Samurai Helm
UCUS-98751 15216121137 966
Critical rate x 1.5



Teskatori Shooter + Marumenko Helm
UCUS-98751 15216121041 342
Attack speed x 0.4



Sonic Demonslayer + Cape of Ulysses
(WondabarappaJamsch, and Sonarchy)
UCUS-98751 15216121254 459
Attack speed x 0.8
Sleep rate x 2



Great Howl + Tahla Helm + Vamp Cloak
(Wondabarappa and Sonarchy )
UCUS-98751 15216123441 163

UCUS-98751 15216121353 017
Max Attack x 2



Spriggan's Song + Samurai Helm + Freja's Cape
(Jamsch and Sonarchy)
UCUS-98751 15216121422 247
All status effect rate x 1.2



Jewelsword Staff + Marumenko Helm + Lilith Shoes
UCUS-98751 1521612152 370
All status effect rate x 1.5



Maelstrom Scepter + Lilith Shoes
UCUS-98751 15216121523 257
Burn immunity.



Ichigeki + Samurai Helm
(Cannogabang and Covet-hiss)
UCUS-98751 15216121549 050

UCUS-98751 15216122958 265
Critical rate x 1.5

Great Shield


Tokoyomamori + Marumenko Helm
(Guardira and Slogturtle)
UCUS-98751 15216123019 969

UCUS-98751 1521612519 571
Defense multipliers for elemental attack x 0.4


  • Some of the Equipment Sets can be seen during the end credits, including the Natura's Touch Set and Great Golem Set.
  • Super Unique weapons or protection like the Fireblessed Shield do not work with the elemental Equipment Sets, (e.g Tondenga's Fire Sword, Helm, Shoulders, and Shield combo.) simply because the weapon/armor used is not upgradable.

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