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Racing Alley of Purity


Slip Trip Gulp Theme

Previous Mission:

A Mermaid's Tears and the Great Snow Race

Next Mission:

The Great Race For Pride

Although (Uberhero's name)'s forces arose victorious in the stand-off, Ragewolf and Naughtyfins are already waiting for a chance to reap sweet revenge.
  — Mission Description 

Suggested: Lv9 / Reward: Iron Chest Lv9

This is the second mission at the Racing Alley of Purity. It is free to play any time until Covet-Hiss is met, after which this mission is replaced by the mission The Great Race For Pride.  Afterwards this mission cannot be replayed.


First, break the small Red buildings, and move on quickly. The Dark Heroes are slow at breaking forts, so now is your chance to get a lead. Remember there is a time limit, so you'll have to be fast at most things. Move ahead and break the Snow Orb Cannon. These can knock you back very easily, and sometimes even make you stagger, but long range attacks will definitely help you. Snowball Cannons also can freeze your Units!

Just ahead is an ice cave with a few barriers in it. There aren't any safety hazards here, so plow through as fast as you can. Charging before attacking is very helpful during this part! Break another Snoworb Cannon, and then the white fort just ahead. Once fighting the Snow Golem that lays a few marches away, it may be wise to use your summon, either right away, or if your Uberhero dies. Now keep a good pace until you reach the end. Destroy the remaining forts and stone gates, and victory is surely yours.

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