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Nanjaro Hills

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Zunzunzun's Theme

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Usso Forest

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Destiny at Nanjaro Hill

As soon as the mission starts, there is a tombstone. Destroy the tombstone for the Chaka drum, which is mapped to the triangle button of your PSP and has a sound of Chaka, is given.

"Can you hear me, Lord? Finally, it's time to learn the third song. You'll be able to get out of harm's way with the rhythm of defense."

This is the song picked up in the mission with Ban the Tatepon. Now that the drum is in possession, the song can be learned. Just like march and attack commands, the song must be performed successfully for 4 sets to learn it. The command for this defense song is Chaka Chaka Pata Pon.

Once the song is learned, march forward. A masked Patapon is found trapped underneath a rock. He says if the Patapons destroy the rock for him, he will join them. Attack the rock and probably do 1 damage. He complains how they are Patapons and yet they're so weak.

Keep attacking; eventually, the screen will shake and Dodonga will appear. When it has its head down, it's about to headbutt the rock. It's recommended that no command should be entered, as Fever is lost in exchange of dodging its attack. When it jumps back, do not try to follow it, just keep attacking and defending. Eventually, the rock will be destroyed and the trapped Patapon will throw a small rock at Dodonga, which actually hurts it more than you may think.

Dodonga will retreat and the party will return to Patapolis with a new ally.

After beating the stage, you'll be able to pick up Lv.1 egg of Dodonga fight. More on this later.

Back in PatapolisEdit

Meden: "My Lord! It looks like you met your fateful person!"

???: "Fate...? That's stupid."

Meden: "I just remembered an old legend... A weird funny looking mask guy and God meet to save the world."

???: "W.. weird funny looking mask... (sob)."

Meden: "Lord! Please give him a name!"

???: "N... Name me? No, stop it!!"

You still go ahead and name him. The default name is Hero.

Meden: "Hero is such a nice name... I'm impressed."

Hero: "I guess I have no choice... Serve the person who name you is the promise."

Meden: "This way please..."

Meden: "This is the Patagate where only you and Hero can enter. If you have mysterious eggs, you can meet with Gods of other worlds. Mysterious eggs do not disappear so don't worry."

This mission now turns to another training mission.

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