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Battle At Mt.Gonrok


Ejiji Cliff

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Moudamepon's Theme

Before the mission, Meden says, "Great Kami ... let's squish the Karmen and head for Earthend! The Karmen fortress on Ejiji Cliffs blocks our way."

Fortress at Ejiji CliffEdit

"Guided by Gong's words, the Patapons head into the skies above, where another Karmen fortress stands before them. It's time to prepare for battle!"


The Battle of Ejiji Cliff

This Fortress has the highest density of any stage yet. There are lots of forts, health potions are easily found. If you encounter large areas of grass, it is likely that enemy Karmens will have fire weapons. You can burn the grass down before you get within range of the enemy with fire weapons or Fever Megapons. If the enemy does catch your forces, use the ChakaChaka song to defend yourself.

Back at PatapolisEdit

Meden: Did you know that you can change Hero's class at the Headquarters before you deploy? Guard as a Tatepon, or fight as a Yumipon. Use different aspects in different situation to get the best use out of Hero Mode.

Fortress at Ejiji Cliff Lv. 2+Edit

"The Karmen have built another fortress on Ejiji Cliff. What amazing new treasures does it hold!? Meden whispers, "We already got steel in the first battle..."

This is the repeatable version of the Fortress. Its available after an apperently random number of quests after you beat it, it may take a lot or none at all. Complete level 2 for a Mysterious Egg

Next MissionEdit

Patapon 2 walkthrough Mission 15 Fortress at Ejiji Cliff & Plant minigame

Patapon 2 walkthrough Mission 15 Fortress at Ejiji Cliff & Plant minigame