Mi ojo MY EYE!! MY EYE!!!

Warning: This page contains spoilers that can spoil your experience for the Patapon games.

Level Info



Akumapon, Demon Gate Bababaan

Next Level

At Ground Zero

Previous Level

Ancient Guardian Manboroth


Demon Gate Bababaan

Background Music

Pokkurimakka's Theme

When the stage starts, Dark One (in Yariton form), and a few Akumapons appear to confront the Patapon army. They are equipped with Ice Spears, which can freeze the Patapons. Afterwards there is Akuma Megapons on top of a tower; it is best to counter them with ranged units like Yaripons and Yumipons. Dekapons and Tatepons are also recommended for this mission thanks to their resilience.


After taking care of the Akumapon, the player gets a potion and Dark One retreats. He sells his soul to the Netherworld Gate, Bababaan, much like he sold his soul to Baban in Patapon 1. Also, whenever Dark One is killed, Baban will immediately attack your forces before reviving him. Focus your attacks on Bababaan. Dark One keeps reviving as long as Bababaan is alive.

Bababaan has two attacks of its own:

  • Freezing Laserbeam: The big eye on the upper part of the gate fires a ray that freezes the Patapons. Yumipons are very likely to be out of its range, but the player still has to be sure that the two front Patapons can deal with freeze. This attack goes every three comands.
  • Eyeball Spears: When Bababaan gets damaged halfway, its color changes to more purple and it starts to throw multiple fire spears instead of the laser. Again, its range is limited, so close quarters melee units are the ones mainly attacked.

After destroying Bababaan, the Patapons have to face Dark One for the last time. When he is defeated, he leaves a final word that reveals his identity. When this mission finishes, the player gets a TIP explaining the story of Aiton and Makoton as seen in the first game.


  • It is recommended to bring Rarepons/Equipment with high resistance to freeze and stagger.
  • Bababaan looks completely different from his appearance in the first game.
  • Bababaan's eye will be the last part of him to fade when he is killed, and a large square appears around that area until he is completely killed.

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