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Dragon Puppy

In the second dungeon of Patapon 3, you'll encounter dragon puppies, smaller versions (hence their name) of dragons, except that they wear no collar, stand on two legs and have a similar face structure to that of a Kacchindonga (due to the many spikes they have). These dragon puppies vary in size, if you look closely at each one.

There is a greatly stronger variation of the Dragon Puppy in the Depths of Gluttony.

In-game DesscriptionEdit

Dragon Puppies
Baby dragons may be cute, but they are also deadly!

They waddle towards Patapons as curious as kittens, then scratch and blow fire before running away.

Don't be fooled into chasing after them, or you may get burned!

Attacks Edit

Breathe FireEdit

The dragon puppy will stick its head in the air before it breathes fire on your Patapons. Dodge this by jumping or defending. When you use PonPata there is a risk you may be killed or take major damage because of the linear path and range of the attack.

Claw AttackEdit

The dragon puppy will run forward and wave its arms in the air and will bite the air. Dodge this attack at all costs by using PonPata or DonDon because it does major damage to your army. Mostly it will only stun them. 

Tail WhipEdit

Sometimes uses this attack after the Claw attack, but never preforms it as a single attack. It moves in very close to your party, turns around, attacks you with its tail and then retreats. Dodge this by using PonPata or DonDon. It hits your party and throws them far away. DonDon is the best defense call. It May also combo this with Claw attack.

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