Fire Dragon.

The Dragon is a half-boss in Patapon 3. You will first encounter this half-boss in the Underground Dungeon level B2. He is strong, but weak against critical hits. Summoning a Djinn can make the fight a lot easier.

In the full game, you first encounter a dragon on the second floor of the Cave of Valor.

Another easy way to kill him (at least, later in the game)

Ice Dragon.

is to use Cannogabang's Uberhero Mode with a Howitzer/Blunderbuss. If aimed right, it will hit his head and keep doing damage until the shards finish piercing through the dragon. There are three different dragons: Flame Dragon (inflicts burn), Ice Dragon (inflicts freeze) and Dark Dragon (inflicts
Dark Dragon

A Dark Dragon being controlled by Ravenous

Patapon3 Europe7

There is also a Baby Dragon that is similar to the Dragon. It walks on two legs, and is a lot faster and smaller while having weaker fire breath.


Fire/Poison/Ice BreathEdit

When the dragon is preparing to breathe fire, poison, or ice on your Patapons, it will inhale (lift its head up) and blow ice, poison, or fire on your Patapons (depending on which type of dragon is preparing to attack), which may last between 2 to 3 measures. Stagger, freeze, sleep, or defeating him will stop this attack. Charging then defending will help avoid any major damage from this. PonPata will avoid this attack (Use 2 PonPata songs consecutively), however, defending also works.

Crush AttackEdit

This is not an attack as such, but every time the dragon takes a step forward or moves it's claws to ready for an attack, it will crush any nearby Patapons, causing minimal damage; but it can add up very quickly!

Dark Dragons have the ability to poison units with this because of their poisonous hide. Its advised to keep your distance.

Jump AttackEdit

Although not much of an intentional attack, it is very similar to that of the crushing attack. When a dragon is preparing to jump, it will hunch down, then jump forward or backward. This attack is possible to avoid, but is not necessary to avoid as it deals minimal damage.

Dark Dragons have the ability to poison units with this as well, thanks to their poisonous hide.

Final StrikeEdit

After the dragon has sustained its final blow, it will collapse, crushing any Patapons who are standing under its head. Like their fire, ice, and poison breath, this attack also has an element associated with it depending on the dragon defeated. This powerful can be avoided with PonPata if timed right

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