Dogaeen, Lord of Nature is an optional boss mission in Patapon 2. It pits the Patapons against a familiar foe in order to claim a useful new song, along with the usual spoils of war.


At the beginning of the mission, destroy an obelisk and claim the Pon Pata Song. As usual, you'll have to play a short tutorial to familiarize yourself with the song. Once you've mastered the art of running for your life, advance further to find the guardian of the song: Dogaeen. (See the "Dogaeen" page to figure out the boss' attacks.)

Untitled dogaeen

Dogaeen in the Patagate

Unfortunately, the boss frequently traps units near its body with its arms (usually seen during its Plowing Swing and Body Slam attacks), leaving them unable to evade. To prepare for this, time the retreat to occur as Dogaeen advances-Patapons behind its arms will be pushed forward to the main hitbox of its attack, allowing them to flee. In the case of the latter, try pulling your forces back as Dogaeen crouches: it usually traps melee units attacking it, so if you recall them early, they'll escape with you.

When Dogaeen is defeated, it'll drop a Lv.1 Gaeen egg for the Patagate. Defeat it at Level 5 to get the Lv.1 Dogaeen egg.

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