Dodonga At Dongara Ruins is the first boss mission in Patapon 2. As you may have guessed from the name and previous events, your small force of Yaripons will have to face the terrible dragon-beast Dodonga in order to claim the sprout of Mater, the Tree of Life. You can fight Dodonga during a foggy day on this stage if you get lucky. The stage will be foggy, but you'll still fight Dodonga instead of the regular Majidonga. The weather can be even snowy, it will still be Dodonga.


If you're playing on hard difficulty, this mission will haunt you-mainly because you need 3 consecutive sets of Just Timings (all beats in a command executed perfectly) to activate your Hero mode.

Dodonga's pattern is the same from the first game, relying on fire breath and headbutts for most of the fight. For those who did not play the first game, read Dodonga's creature page for information on its attacks.

It's not a hard fight, but you can get intimidated by the fact that you have three Yaripons and a Hero against a big, angry reptile. Don't worry so much, Dodonga is an extremely weak boss (possibly because your own forces are so limited at this point in the game or maybe because of the rock Hero threw at him at Nanjaro hills). The Hero's Iron Fist attack is handy for getting multiple hits on the boss, and if you found Dokaknel's Fang on Tochira Beach (from your imported Patapon save file), you'll be able to land even more blows on the beast.

Dodonga will drop the Mater Sprout either when it teeters (staggers) or when it is defeated. Apart from that, you might see an Ore or two, but not much else.

Back at PatapolisEdit

You return to Patapolis with the Mater Sprout.

Meden: "Mighty Lord... The time to revive Mater has come!!

*Meden moves to the remains of Mater.*

Meden: "Bud of Mater... Awaken from a long slumber and get into the tree of life!"

Within seconds, the bud has fully grown to a tree. Now you can create and upgrade your Patapons.

If you imported your Patapon save data, you can pretty much go full-out on Tatepons. You can unlock all Rarepons except the last 3 types (Mogyu, Sabara and Gyaba), which require new level 5 materials. Doing so will allow you to unlock Dekapons and Robopons. You can unlock some Rarepons on Yaripon as well and unlock the Kibapon unit.

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