The Deth Treant is first encountered in its titular stage "Cinder Beast Deth Treant". It appears as a Treant with violet, blue flames that either shows the flames are intensely hot or it is just plain evil. Instead of a complex of branches at the top of its trunk, it seemes to have been chopped off, its'"fingertips" are also red instead of yellow. Its gaping mouth is violet with reddish bark that mimics teeth, with red eyes that have a purple outline. Its health regeneration during rain increases from 10000 to 93000 when dormant and 5000 to 46500 when provoked.

The best way to defend from its attacks is to inflict status effects that would keep him from attacking (sleep, freeze, knockback, etc.),. But if it is raining, the player must constantly attack to actually cause any damage since it will heal oftenly. A good combination of these stategies is Tondenga's Giandeth while wielding a Thor. His attacks are the same of the Treant only stronger. He also appears in the bonus dungeon, "Godtree Feisu" and is probably the toughest Treant boss in the entire game as the floor it is encountered in always rains, giving him a terrifyingly high amount of health recovery of 541k as well as having an extremely high health. Be careful and remember not to use the "Rain Dance" Set Skill, Variations recover the large amount of HP from rain.


Scattering EmbersEdit

He stares upwards while he raises his arms, then bangs his head down, scattering flaming embers. Each ember does moderate damage and will ignite your Patapons. Best dodged by DonDon. PonPata. ChakaChaka works as well.

Ember AmbushEdit

Sometimes, after doing the Scattering Embers, he will stay having his head facing downwards, only to follow up with another round of scattering embers two times. Each ember does slightly more damage though still inflicts ignite. Best dodged by DonDon, PonPata. Since it takes four measures until it scatters embers again and the embers may reach those jumping and those afar, it is recommended that you do a Charge Defense (PonChaka ~ ChakaChaka) as the embers may inflict serious damage.

Locations Where Deth Treant AppearsEdit

  • Greedy Mask Jungle
  • Estate of Earnestness B2F
  • Basement of Greed B2F/ Estate of Earnestness B5F