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In this mission, you will need to defeat the Ancestral Guardian Zaknel. See the article on how to defeat him. When he is defeated, he will give you the Kibapon's Memory, allowing Mater to make Kibapons. Only 3 Kibapons total can be trained at once. The Kibapons will help you through walls and territories with lots of enemies. They are also the main (and only) calvary units. Defeating Zaknel isn't hard: just defend and attack or dodge at the right time. Also, you can find very rare items if you stagger him while the rain is coming. Don't let him use his special move; he lies on the floor then lies down flat, and then rampantly slams the ground making a damaging earthquake. ChakaChaka (Defence) song will lower the damage, but it is unavoidable.
Let's Play Patapon - Mission 11 - Giant Beast of the Deplorable Desert05:34

Let's Play Patapon - Mission 11 - Giant Beast of the Deplorable Desert

Thanks to TehNevs for letting us post this.

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