"Far below the Cave of Valor lies a secret cave, strictly off-limits to those adventuring alone. (*) Co-operate with friends to explore this location".
  — Area Description 

This is the fifth location in Patapon 3, and the first one of the seven Multiplayer locations. This means it should only be accessed while in Multiplayer mode using the Hero Gate, although there are some tricks that can be used to finish it in Single Player mode. The suggested level for this area is 20 or above.


To unlock this area, you must first complete the history mission Archfiend of Valor [Once], then come back to the Cave of Valor at any point of the game and beat the mission The Secret of the Cave of Valor [Once], in which you will face Majidonga. Then, the mission The Dauntless Dragon, Majidonga [Free] and Depths of Rage will be unlocked.


There is only one mission in this cave, just like all the other Multiplayer
Depths of Rage

Depths of Rage


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