Demon Equipment is a type of equipment that can raise and reduce the effectiveness of magic status effects such as freeze, burn and sleep.

Some of the Demon equipments

They can be made by playing the Ton Kampon Minigame (Level 3) and using Adamantine. They are dark purple in colour, with a demon eye like Black Hoshipon's. Serious damage may be dealt if you equip rarepons with high critical rate like Nyontama, Chigyobi and/or Sabara with Demon Equipment.
Lv5 adamanman

Lvl 5 Ore

Note: You will not receive demon equipment if you make any mistakes while playing Ton Kampon's 3rd level.

Demon WeaponsEdit

  • Magic Spear Brugnuk
  • Magic Axe Lapis
  • Magic Bow Flein
  • Magic Lance Gugnir
  • Magic Club Thor
  • Magic Flute Hamlin
  • Magic Javelin Gaebolg
  • Magic Arm Quill
  • Magic Staff Rune

Demon ArmorEdit

  • Magic Shield Algos

    Magic Clothes Vamp

  • Magic Horse Sleipnir
  • Magic Shoulder Chronos
  • Magic Clothes Vamp
  • Magic Bird Onmoraki
  • Magic Shoes Lilith
  • Magic Helm Hades


  • For some reason Demon equipment shares same color in inventory screen as Ancient, Giant, and even Heaven equipment.

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