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Patapon 2 has a Debug Mode accessed by a cheat code. In this menu, there is an option that allows you to play any level in the game instantly. You can even select Patagate levels, but most of them will crash after a couple of seconds.

Below is a list of the levels.


Number Mission Description
10000 : SAMP - ???? - The level only contains Key Items for you to collect.
10001 : SAMP - ???? - Contains all Spears, Swords, Sheilds, Bows, Lances and Horses in that order. It also contains unobtainable weapons, like the Sword of the Late Tatepon.
10002 : SAMP - ???? - Contains all Maces, Sholderguards, Horns, and Capes.
10003 : SAMP - ???? - Contains all Javelins, three Spear of Protections, Birds, three Great God Hemets, Arms, three Wooden Bows, Staffs, another three Wooden Bows, Boots, three Wooden Shields and Helms (Including the Zigoton Helms and Gong's Helm).
10004 : SAMP - ???? - Contains all the Masks.
10005 : SAMP - ???? - Contains every kind of Enemy Structure and Grass. There are Karmen with basic equipment and Akumapon with Gong Helms. Insted of Karmens being knocked back and staggered after they die, they instantly turn to ash.
10006 : SAMP - ???? - Contains every type of grass, a Wep, the Yaripon and Toripon forms of Dark One (who both have Karmen General Kimen's special ability). Also contains the Ice Fortress.
10007 : SAMP - ???? - Contains a single Uji.
10008 : SAMP - ???? - Contains all the eggs, which for some reason fall from the sky at the start. This also contains the unobtainable test eggs.
10009 : SAMP - ???? - A patagate test level that has a sign saying "UK__NO_Data. It could be a multiplayer version of Searching the Juju Jungle.


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