A thousand years has passed since his dehydrated death, and now he returns to curse the living. He is the spirit called Death, and he metes out vengeance with a scythe (*) Storm occurs regardless of forecast.
  — Mission Description 
Suggested: Lvl17 / Reward: ?
Death, Lord of the Desert

Death, Lord of the Desert

This is the third mission at the Bottomless Stomach Desert, and playable forever.


In this mission, a Reaper and a Mutant Cyclops will attack you. Kill them and move forward. Some Bonedeth, a Reaper, and another Mutant Cyclops will challenge you. Defeat them too, and continue forward to reach more of the same monsters, with Death at the end, as well as a Bonedeth hut. Do this once more to get an Iron Chest, and reach the finish line.


  • It is not recommended to bring poison and sleep weapons, because the Reapers and Death aren't affected by them.
  • Jamsch is not as effective against the Reapers and against Death because they are resistant to Sleep and Poison.
  • It is recommended to bring anti-sleep and poison armor, because of the Bonedeths' sleeping arrows and of Death's breath.


Patapon 3 Death, Lord of the Desert08:57

Patapon 3 Death, Lord of the Desert

Thanks to justin1984 for letting us post this.

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