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Level Info

Darkmask Demon Zuttankarmen


Akumapon,Balrog,Salamander, Dragon Puppy, Dragon, Zuttankarmen

Next Mission

(Multi) Demon Forudo

Previous Mission

Archfiend of Adamance

Background Music

Pokkurimakka's Theme, Hey Whazzat Theme

The source of the gurgling miasma is from Zuttankarmen, an incarnation of the Karmen lord Dettankarmen whom the Patapons bravely fought so long ago! Expunge the hordes of Dark Ones and claim the Underworld's unholy treasure!
  — Mission Description 

Suggested: Lv25+ / Reward: ?

This is the second mission at the Evilmass of Adamance, and is replayable. Dettankarmen is replaced by Zuttankarmen in the 3rd floor.

The first floor is exactly identical to the first floor in the mission "Evilmass of Adamance", except there are Fenrir along with the Lava Salamanders and Balrog, and the enemies are a higher level.


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