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Level Info

Dark Heroes' Last Stand


Dark Heroes

Next Mission

Archfiend of Tolerance

Previous Mission

Covet-hiss Loves Cannons

Background Music

Dottama Gacheen Theme

Win by tactical use of two territories! Ragewolf, Naughtyfins, and Ravenous have left, and the remaining four Dark Heroes are ready for the battle to end all battles!
  — Mission Description 

Suggested: Lv27 / Reward: Gold Chest Lv27

This is the first mission at the Arena of Tolerance and the last flag battle.


This mission is easier if knockback- and stagger-inducing are used. Tondenga is a big advantage in this level. You will face against Buzzcrave, Slogturtle, Sonarchy, and Covet-Hiss in this mission. They are more powerful than the previous missions,
Dark Heroes' Last Stand 2
so make sure you have powerful equipment and your units are about Lv29. The forts are important in this level; capturing them can give you an advantage. If you don't have clear understanding of what you have to do, Covet-Hiss offers you the option to have him explain the rules at the beginning of the mission.


  • For some reason Covet-Hiss doesn't actual use Hero Mode attack although he shouts he uses it. He performs a normal Cannon attack instead.
  • However, he does use it if he is reborn when Dark Heroes are summoning. Interestingly its range is different from VS mode.
  • Head-On is the only versus mode that has 3 different stages, rather than 2.


Patapon 3 Walkthrough pt 45 Dark Heroes' Last Stand14:20

Patapon 3 Walkthrough pt 45 Dark Heroes' Last Stand

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