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Guardian of the Unexplored Dachara Ruins

"This hidden monster contains poison in the barb of its tail. It's almost like


it's using its power to act as a guardian of the ruins. Why does he deny the Patapons entrance?"

This is a boss fight with Darantula. Defeating him yields the Mysterious Egg for Darantula that can be used at the Patagate.

Poison Skewer Beast Darantula Lv. 2 +

"It is written that a very tough beast lies hidden in the Dachara Ruins. Defeat the Darantula to discover a very valuable fang!"

Repeatable fight with Darantula. Drops lvl 1-5 fangs.

Patapon 2- Boss "Darantula"04:08

Patapon 2- Boss "Darantula"

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