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Zigotons Attack Again?!

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Oreoreore's Theme

The Patapons have decided to build a fort in Dodon Basin, to stop the repetitive Zigotons' attacks. Meden and some Kibapons will transport a huge Tender Meat to Dodon Basin and they need some escort (obviously, this means your army). You'll be dealing with some waves of Zigotons. Just do the same what you did to the previous missions- Kill the Zigotons! The 3rd and the 4th wave (especially the 4th wave) will be the hardest.

Convoy Escort

The Patapons, with a Zigoton wave in front of them.

Some Yaritons and Yumitons are in the 3rd wave and all Yaritons and Yumitons in the 4th wave are professional Zigotons. They are armed with Steel Spears and Fire Bows. Be careful! Try to get some good weapons and/or evolve your army, because if the cart is destroyed the mission fails. You might want to bring along the Tailwind Miracle, to blow back the Elite Yumiton's Fire Bow attacks. Also bring along some Kibapons, to knock the Elite Yaritons back and keep them from reaching the convoy. Try to kill the waves of Zigotons quickly, as the convoy will continue to move if you take too long. Bring some Yaripons because while in fever, they jump to attack and if you're lucky, they'll jump in front of the Zigoton attacks, preventing the incoming projectiles from breaking the convoy.


  • This is the first mission with Yumitons who have Flame bows.