When the tree spirit was singed by lightning, it succumbed to rage, and now contact with fire will incite it to burn all that it sees. (*) Weather is always rain.
  — Mission Description 
Suggested: Lv13 / Reward: ?
Cinder Beast Deth Treant

Cinder Beast Deth Treant

This is the third mission in the Greedy Mask Jungle.

This level may be difficult without fire-inducing weapons, so bring some.


Break through the boulders and kill the Treant. Some Yumideth will assist it, and after killing them, more boulders will be set along the way. Kill the next Treant and his Cyclops buddy. A large Bonedeth house spawning more Cyclops awaits. Smash them, and continue. A line of boulders and another Treant are ahead. It will begin raining, and another Cyclops will walk forward. Next, you'll meet the Cinder Beast Deth Treant. If you aren't very strong, make sure to bring fire-inducing weapons, otherwise you won't be able to kill it. Sometimes it will stop raining, so it will be easier for you to kill the Cinder Beast Deth Treant. Slay it, and move on to reach a Golden Chest. Past that is the goal.


Patapon 3 Walkthrough Extra Cinder Beast Deth Treant07:03

Patapon 3 Walkthrough Extra Cinder Beast Deth Treant

Thanks to GeneralMcBadass for letting us post this.

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