Chatting A.K.A. Pata-chat is a new feature in Patapon 3. In multiplayer mode you use the D-pad to go through a list of phrases that you can say to your party members. This list can be changed while in your hideout. There is an option to make your own chat texts.


Listed here are some of the phrases.

  • In Headquarters:
    • "Hello, and good day!"
    • "Yippee! Shazam!"
    • "Patapons rule!"
    • "We need a shield (tank)"
    • "We need a spear (DD)"
    • "We need an arrow (CC)"
    • "Completely fine!"
    • "Let's get rolling"
    • "Hang on a second!"
    • " I'll be shield (tank)"
    • "I'll be spear (DD)"
    • "I'll be an arrow (CC)"
    • "I got a nice item!"
    • "Fire mayhem! Got a plan?"
    • "Who's got rhythm?"
    • "So many perfects!"
    • "I'll give it my best shot!"
    • "Send comments to the site!"
    • "Bye! See you next time!"
    • "Brilliant! Congrats!"
    • "Yes"
    • "No"
    • "Hmm... I don't know..."
    • "Thinking..."
  • In battle:
    Screen shot 2011-03-16 at 1.39.12 PM

    Example of Japanese Chatting mid-battle

    • Greetings:
      • "Good luck, have fun!"
      • "Good job!"
      • "Good game."
    • Actions:
      • "I'm going to summon!"
      • "I'll go in the front!"
      • "I'll wait at the back!"
    • Suggestions:
      • "What next? Announce plz!"
      • "GO GO GO!"
      • "Maybe we should go back?"

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