The beast Centura can only be drawn out of the mist by rain. But in this drought-ridden plateau, how is one to make rain fall? (*) This quest appears only rarely.
  — Mission Description 
Centura of the Mist

Centura of the Mist

Centura of the Mist

Centura in Patapon 3

Suggested Lvl: 23+ / Reward: ?

Known in the Japanese version as 霧に身を隠す怪物センチュラ (「きりにみをかくすかいぶつセンチュラ」?; kiri ni mi o kakusu kaibutsu Senchura; Centura the monster hidden in the fog). This is the fifth mission at the Plateau of Pompous Wings, and only appears rarely.

To do damage to Centura, you must make it rain using the Set Skill, Rain Dance or attack the Centura using the Djinn Soragami's Sutra which can be obtained from Silver Hoshipon's Shop.


Main article: Centura

Before you start this mission, be sure that you or one of your party members have equipped the Set Skill Rain Dance. Once you have done so, make sure that your team is strong enough to take on Centura. If they aren't at least level 20, it may be wise to play this level through the Herogate.

When you first start this mission, nothing is visible. March forward until you see the silhouette of Centura. Once Fever strikes, rain falls, which removes the fog and Centura will become fully visible and vulnerable. Remember, this is a rare boss and is much stronger than in Patapon 2. Attack with caution, and be sure to dodge its attacks, especially its Tail Slide. Tail Slide can wipe out your entire party with one hit, if they don't have high Stamina. Centura's weak spot is its head, so try to aim for it. Centura is also weak against Stagger, Critical and Burn. Use Stagger to your advantage, and try not to let Centura get a hit in. It is also recommended to bring Jamsch to inflict Poison, Sleep and Burn.

When defeated, Centura will drop either a Gold or Jeweled Chest.

Patapon 3 Boss Centura of the Mist w Cannogabang03:06

Patapon 3 Boss Centura of the Mist w Cannogabang

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