"This three-level deep cavern is divided into chambers by regenerating Bonedoors and tricky Strongdoors, and crawling with Bonedeth units and assorted monsters! ".
  — Area Description 

Known as Yūki no Dōkutsu (「勇気の洞窟」?) in the Japanese version. This is where the Archfiend of Valor is first encountered.

This is the fourth location in Patapon 3, and is also the first dungeon in the game, and it contains three missions:
Cave of Valor

Cave of Valor


Depths of RageEdit

Once the mission "The Secret of the Cave of Valor" has been completed, the Depths of Rage will be unlocked. It contains one multiplayer mission:


  • The Cave of Valor is one of the two dungeon that is of a natural formation, alongside the Evilmass of Adamance. All other dungeons are artificial structures.

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