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Buzzcrave and the Oasis of Eternal Sleep

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Level Info

Buzzcrave and the Oasis of Eternal Sleep


Bonedeth, Dark Heroes

Next Missions

All-out Desert Drag Race

Previous Missions

No Heavenly Bounty on a Scorched Desert

Background Music

Totechitentan's Theme

Naughtyfins is ailing, Ragewolf is at her side and the frontlines have weakened! Only greedy Buzzcrave defends the Labyrinth of Restraint by awaiting (Uberhero's name) at the Oasis of Eternal Slumber.
  — Mission Description 

Suggested: Lvl18 / Reward: Iron chest Lvl18

This is the second mission in the Bottomless Stomach Desert, is only playable once. The mission is unlocked after completing the previous mission No Heavenly Bounty on a Scorched Desert and is the first mission where Buzzcrave appears and you have to fight him.


Bonedeth will attack you throughout most of this level. Smash down the stone walls, including the Bonedeth wall, and demolish the turret. Next, destroy the Bonedeth House, which is guarded by Yumideth. Move ahead and break down the Bonedeth Wall, Cannons, and the other structures in the area ahead. At this point, Ravenous, Buzzcrave, and Sonarchy are waiting for you. They will attack you until the remaining Bonedeth House is destroyed. After you finish the job, march to the goal at the finish line.


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