Two KarmensEdit

"The Patapons break thorough Sky Castle Amattera and find a land covered with impassable snow. Those pursuing Earthend won't be stopped by a mere blizzard!"

It's constantly snowing here, so bringing Pyopyo and Mofu Rarepons is a good idea for the freeze resistance. The wind is blowing so hard that ranged units are next to useless. Also bring Tatepons, for there are Akuma Kibapons.

The first tower only has two Karmens, Aimen and Makomen. This is similar to an event in Patapon 1, however this time, both Karmen die. Continue on and you find the comedy duo of Black Hoshipon and Dark One. They bicker and try to stop you. As you advance though the rocks, towers, and Akumapons, Black Hoshipon mentions the Blizzard Temple and the fact the Patapons don't seem to remember him. When you come across the Blizzard Temple, smash it to bits, then clean up the remaining Akumapons and complete the stage. For destroying the Temple you get the Blizzard Miracle.

Fighting the Dark One and the Akumapons.

Back to PatapolisEdit

Meden: That reminds me, something else happened when we fought the Zigotons in the desert...

Scout: A Zigoton woman was killed.

Meden: She got what was coming to her. She was trying to stop our journey to Earthend!

Scout: I suppose so... you could be right, but... but still, I feel sorry for her.

Ewe and Bunnies at Bryun SnowfieldEdit

"They say that if you hunt a lot of creatures in the snowfields, the King of the Bryun Snowfields will appear. Who knows if this is true? In any case, the King appears to be awfully cute..."

This is a typical hunting mission, but along the way you will find a Pekkora, a sheep like creature. When you attack it, it pops out lots of babies, Pekkorako. After you defeat the Pekkora for the first time, it drops the Unopenable Box, this leads to Neogaeen Ruins. Later on Pekkora drops rare hides, if you don't kill its offspring.


  • The Bryun Snowfield is extremely similar to the Snow Field of Sullied Tears in Patapon 3. The Patapon 2 Snow Field bears very strong resemblances to the snow-covered tundra part of the Patapon 3 Snow Field. Even the Blizzard Tower is similar, although that in Patapon 3, instead of Dark One, Naughtyfins is the one guarding the Tower.

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