Wicked ActsEdit

"You usually can't see the Centura. It's weak against rain. Gong's words guide the Patapons... Make with the Rain Juju to defeat the Centura that hides in the Boyayan Basin!"

This is a battle with Centura (For more info on defeating Centura click on the link), a three legged spider/scorpion


that drops Fangs leveled 1-5. Defeat it to obtain the Mysterious Egg for the Centura, the egg can then be used to fight the Centura in the Patagate.

Back at PatapolisEdit

Meden: Great Kami... Gong really is a warrior. He wants to settle things once and for all at Mt. Gonrok.

Scout: When facing enemy troops, have the Tatepons form a barrier of protection with CHAKA CHAKA.

Centura in the Fog Lv. 2+Edit

"The fog shrouding the Boyayan Basin has cast everything in a dark shadow. It's a dangerous mission, but you must defeat the Centura to a prized fang!"

Repeatable boss fight with the Centura. The higher that you level the boss the higher level fangs that it will begin to drop.

Next MissionEdit

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