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The Bonedeth Brigade lie in wait on the path leading to the cliff with horrendous gargoyles, balrogs, and other great beasts. (*) Recommended for leveling up/Ka-ching.
  — Mission Description 
Bonedeth on the Cliff

Bonedeth on the Cliff

Suggested: Lv27 / Reward: Iron Chest Lv27 This is the fourth mission at the Savannah of Envious Eyes.


This mission contains respawning Bonedeth and Akumapons, a Gargoyle, respawning Deaths, and a Balrog.


  • This mission is quite easy if you haven't done it before. It is similiar to Bonedeth Brigade and Kulé Krater except there are no lava salamanders and Balrog has a lot more health. Fire resistant equipment is recommended because the Bonedeth and Akumapons will use equipment that will inflict fire
  • Firstly when you start as always the Bonedeth will wait to ambush you with the Akumapons.
  • About half the time, a Gargoyle will appear at the start of this quest behind the Bonedeth who will ambush you. Remember that if you want the Gargoyle's treasure you will have to kill him before he makes it disappear, also bonus XP will be awarded if you kill the Gargoyle. It is recommended that you use stab weapons to defeat the Gargoyle quickly
  • After you have defeated the Bonedeth (and the Gargoyle if he was there) continue to march onwards until you get to the Bonedeth tower. The Bonedeth will spawn from the tower so must destroy it to stop them spawning.
  • After you have destroyed the tower, a Balrog and a Death will appear behind where the tower was. Death will attempt to push you back while Balrog will eat his meat and then attack from a distance. If you defeat Balrog quick enough before he eats his meat then the meat will turn to lots of bonus ka-ching. Also Bonedeth and Akumapons will constantly spawn from a tent near the end of the quest, they will be armed with bows and arrows which can be painfully annoying as they move back when you approach them.
  • After defeating Balrog, death and destroying the Bonedeth tent and defeating the last of the Bonedeth, and Akumapons you will be free to march to the end of the quest.


  • If you look closely at the Bonedeth weapons like the spears and bows, you will notice that they look as if they are upgraded. For example, if you upgrade a Critical Spear to +11, it changes it's look. The Critical Spears the Bonedeth use look as if they have been upgraded to +11 because of how they look.
  • There is a glitch with Balrog when playing this quest in multiplayer as doing too much rapid damage may cause Balrog to become invincible to your attacks and so he will not lose any health for some reason, this usually happens when using Tondenga.


Patapon 3 Walkthrough Extra Bonedeth on the Cliff03:51

Patapon 3 Walkthrough Extra Bonedeth on the Cliff

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