The Bonedeth Brigade are erecting a fortress on this spot! They have tamed a dragon puppy, and are prepared to defend their paradise to the bitter end! (*) Recommended for leveling up / Ka-ching.
  — Mission Description 
Bonedeth and the Oasis of Eternal Sleep Quest Details

Bonedeth and the Oasis of Eternal Sleep

Suggested Lv19 / Reward: Iron Chest Lv19

This is the fourth mission in the Bottomless Stomach Desert.


This mission requires you to face a Bonedeth defense for starters, as most other Bonedeth Brigade missions do, then face a Dragon Puppy. Move to the Brigade Fortress and take it out. After this, two more Dragon Puppies will be waiting for you: one small and the other bigger. They usually are nothing more than an annoyance, but if you aren't careful, their claws' high stagger rate could eliminate your shield classes. After disposing of them, a final big Dragon Puppy, spawning Bonedeth House and some Yumideths are all that is in your way of the goal. Beware that big Dragon Puppy can do a lot more damage than the other Dragon Puppys.


  • Status Effects are powerful against Dragon Puppies.
  • Don't be afraid to use the dodge song (PON PATA PON PATA) to escape Puppies' claws.
  • Dragon puppies seem to be susceptible to poison.


Patapon 3 Bonedeth and the Oasis of Eternal Sleep Free Quest05:25

Patapon 3 Bonedeth and the Oasis of Eternal Sleep Free Quest

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