The Bonedeth Brigade are striking back, and have recruited a host of swamp beasts like Patapon-eating sharks and sinister Treants! *Recommended for leveling up / Ka-ching. * Weather is always rain.
  — Mission Description 
Bonedeth Brigade in Tahi-Tahi Forest Quest Info

Bonedeth Brigade in Tahi-Tahi Forest

Suggested: Lv15 / Reward: Iron Chest Lv15

This is the fourth mission in Greedy Mask Jungle.


First, you will come across a group of Bonedeth hiding in some tall bushes. While they are jumping out, some Ujis will swim into the scene. The Bonedeth shouldn't be much trouble, but fighting the sharks can be tricky. When they jump up and attack one of your units, that unit is gone for good. Even if one manages to take a bite of your Uberhero , he will not come back to life. The only way to revert this effect is to Summon , but it may be wise to wait until the right moment to do so. Ujis cannot eat Hatapon, if there is still a Taterazay-based unit alive. Now that you have dealt with those pesky sharks, move on forward until you come to a Bonedeth Tower. This is a respawn point for Bonedeth forces, so destroy it quickly to avoid the need to fight extra Bonedeth. After you've destroyed the tower, its time to deal with the harder part, for lower leveled players anyway. You'll have to deal with a Treant, in the rain. As you may already know, Treants heal in the rain, and they heal quite a bit. To counter this ability, you must ignite it with a fire-inducing weapon. If you don't have one, go somewhere else until you find one, then come back. You can still kill the Treant in the rain, but you must be powerful enough to counteract its healing. Anyway, make sure to avoid the Treant's attacks.

Past the Treant, there is a Mutant Cyclops and more Bonedeth. Kill them, and move on to the hut near the end of the level. Topple it quickly to avoid fighting several Cyclopes. Now you can march to the finish line.


  • There is a glitch where an Uji is shown swimming, but it does not move nor attack you. You can pass freely. This occurs when you kill an Uji just before a resubmerges.
  • There is another Uji glitch, where they will charge you and push you back all the way to the end of the stage. Then they disappear.
  • This mission is reccomended for leveling up units past lv 15. Level 18-19 is where the pace of gaining experience slows dramatically.


Patapon 3 Walkthrough Extra Bonedeth Brigade in Tahi-Tahi Forest03:39

Patapon 3 Walkthrough Extra Bonedeth Brigade in Tahi-Tahi Forest

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